Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Jolly Harbour Yacht Club

Held on Monday 7th January 2019 at De Underdog Bar , Jolly Harbour

5.00pm Registration, Members Drinks, Social Gathering; 6.00 pm Meeting.


Present Exec Committee: Grahame and Liz Williams, Alan Burge, Barbara Thomson, Bob Bowen, Jon Constantine, John King, Lawrie May, Alison King (Minutes)

Apologies Exec Committee: Carol Cossar (Social)

Apologies Members: Henry and Sue Trembecki, Vince O’Neill, Gordon and Carol Cossar, Chris and Pam Mansfield, Geoffrey Pidduck.


Opening Remarks:

Grahame Williams (Commodore) welcomed all Members and Guests to the 26th year of the Jolly Harbour Yacht Club.


It was proposed and agreed that votes are made by a simple show of hands.


Minutes of last AGM (2018)

All agreed were accepted.


Commodore’s Annual Report

Grahame advised the activity that has taken place from January 2017 to the present and is summarized as follows:

  • Saturday sailing is superb. Racing was still going ahead in September and has increased ever since. Thanks to Helen Brayley/Liz Williams for starts during September and thanks to Steve Woodruff for continuing to do the starts/finishes for this season. Susan Wills continues to provide support in the background.

  • Valentine’s Regatta 2018 – Headquarters was Westpoint Bar and the square with canapés Friday night and a band Saturday night. Less sponsors this year, however thanks to Budget Marine, North Sails and Seahawk Paints for their continued support. High winds during the weekend gave us 27 boats going out Saturday but only 6 completed the course. The race officer cancelled Sunday racing at 9.30 due to winds in excess of 35 knots. Thanks were made to Sir Rodney Williams GCMG who presented the prizes on Sunday.

  • Annual Regatta November 2018 with Race Officer Clare Cupples. There was a lack of wind for this event with 8 boats taking part, but still an enjoyable Regatta.

  • Social Events for 2018. Burns Night BBQ was a huge success with 120 people attending. Thanks to Sally, Gordon and Carol. The Beatle Drive attracted 70 people and the Buggy Rally was very popular. Thanks to Bob Bowen. Club Beach BBQ’s continue to draw between 40-50 people. The Green Island trip in December was a lot of fun with four yachts joining on Galleon Beach and Pigeon Beach for BBQ’s – too choppy for Green Island. The Christmas Party at Al Porto organised by Barbara and Carol was a resounding success with the maximum of 80 places sold. Raising EC 2,600 for charity.

  • Markers and buoys – continually checking and relaying. Thanks to Ian Grant for this.



  • 140 members. Thanks to Liz for her work on increasing numbers.


Treasurer’s Report

  • 2018 Accounts. These had been audited by Laurie May. A show of hand approved these accounts.

  • At the end of 2018 when the accounts were closed there was a balance of EC$ 51,036 (an increase of EC 14,685 from the start of the year). In addition there is EC$ 4,660 worth of stock of T-shirts, caps, koozies and burgees. A show of hands approved these accounts.

  • An overview was given for the running costs for the Valentine’s Regatta 2018 – costs were approx EC$7500, while income was EC$10,041.

  • The club has purchased x2 beach canopies, chairs and a table. These can be hired out by Club Members at a nominal fee. Please contact Grahame.


Election of Executive Committee Members for 2018

Commodore – Grahame Williams happy to continue and was proposed by Jon Constantine and seconded by Colin Vinall. Show of hands in agreement.

Vice Commodore – Bob Bowen. Proposed by Colin Vinall and seconded by Terry Sands. Show of hands in agreement.

Rear Commodore at Large - Lawrie May. Proposed by Brian Turton and seconded by Ivan Lockett. Show of hands in agreement.

Jon Constantine, Rear Commodore. Proposed by Terry Sands and seconded by Kerry Upperton. Show of hands in agreement.

Treasurer. John King duly elected again.

Membership – Liz Williams duly elected again.

Social Secretary – Barbara Thomson, Carol Cossar duly elected again.

Motor Boat Section – Henry Trembeki will continue to run this.

Secretary – Alison King duly elected again.


A vote was passed to elect James Lillywhite to the Executive Committee as Rear Commodore, Without Portfolio. Proposed by Terry Sands and seconded by Joanne Berube. Show of hands in agreement.


Membership Fees

Membership Fees to remain the same. EC$ 150 for a single membership and EC$ 200 for family membership. This was passed by the floor.


Constitutional Changes

Joanne Berube raised the point that to save time in the meeting would it be best to vote for the “slate” of people on the committee in one vote?


Charles Kenlock raised the issue of having a short course for small boat owners in Saturday racing. The Commodore advised that e.g. Ms Bliss started earlier in the racing this Saturday. This proposal would work well for 2-3 small boats.


Upcoming Events

Sunday 15 January – A 5 day trip to Nevis and Barbuda is planned. Speak to Grahame if you are interested in participating. Please look at the Club Website on www.JHYCantigua.com for an up-to-date listing of events.



Terry Allan raised the issue of rules and racing and insurance. He would like to propose that a seminar takes place and all racing members attend to ensure the correct knowledge is spread. A general discussion then took place regarding CSA rules, insurance and the clarity of those taking part in racing. Andrew O’Kola, Barrister, offered to assist with documentation surrounding the insurance issue. The Executive Committee will progress further.


Lorna Saunders mentioned that the ASW Facebook page will have a rules tester page that can be copied and used by JHYC members from Friday 11 January.


Brian Turton pointed out that he had added to his personal insurance policy “Saturday Sailing”.


Children’s Sailing – Tanner Jones raised the issue of the importance of children being active in sailing and gave his thanks for the support given. Jon Constantine gave an overview of the Y2K project in encouraging young Antiguans to improve their sailing. He will add a link to the website if skippers have room on their boats for youngsters.


Ian Mellows proposed Class 3 starts, boats under 25 feet. It would require 2-3 boats to meeting the criteria for a third class to be formed. This will be looked at by the Executive Committee.



Jon Constantine, Rear Commodore, advised he had now re-developed the website www.JHYCantigua.com All the information for the Valentine’s Regatta including registration page is available. Social events and links to other websites are also shown. Saturday Sailing page will be up-dated within 22 hrs of Saturday racing with results. Jon will also be adding a Crew Finder Section.


Trisha asked if a page could be added for items, boats, etc. for sale. Jon to progress.




Members Motions

No written motions from members for debate and voting.

Thanks were given to Mark of De Underdog Bar for hosting the meeting.



We have Club Shirts and Caps with logos and Burgees. A special reduction was made on the evening. These are available for purchase at Club Night, Al Porto, on Thursdays between 5.00-7.00pm.


Peter Lansdale offered thanks to The Commodore for all his hard work and support to the club over the past year.


Thank you and Fair Winds.


Meeting Closure at 7.00pm.