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Rally to Nevis - 16th January 2023

Cruising Section report on the cruising rally to Nevis

JHYC are pleased to announce a rally to Barbuda on 26/28th February 2023 and would be delighted to see you participate.  Due to Covid restrictions, we will be limited on organized beach activities such as barbeques, so I am proposing a boat party on ‘Heart of the Dolphin’ on Sunday night (we aim to break the 17 people in the cockpit record) and a lobster feast at the beach bar on Monday afternoon.  On Sunday, the party will be bring-a-snack, and I would advise BYOB as well, although beer and soft drinks will be available on Dolphin.

We will anchor at Cocoa Point, and the approach is shown below.  The chart shown is fairly accurate, and I advise staying south of the waypoint as coral heads are present in the indicated area.  The holding is good but dive your anchor to check for coral head interference. We will run a friendly time trial for the rally (relying on self-recorded times) with a start between Jolly Harbour Channel markers 1 and 2 and finish north of chart mark 17o33.00’N 61o46.90’W.  There are no intermediate port or starboard marks. Providing your boat rating (Club Handicaps will be provided by the Fleet Captain) would be helpful in determining the overall ‘winner’. Leaving before noon is suggested for sailboats – powerboats can determine their projected crossing time.  
If members need crew or would like to participate but have no working boat, I will be happy to act as crew broker.  We will monitor Channel 12 during the trip.  I am happy to hear suggestions on activities and local attractions, which are plentiful on Barbuda, and everyone is free to organize side trips.  Looking forward to seeing you at the rally.

Paul Wooley
Rear Commodore

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